GH1 firmware research volunteers required

I would not worry about that yet, wait until the Hack has been rolled out and watch Panasonic close the door on the next batch. The same thing happened with the GH1, the later ones are can't be hacked with the current hack.
it exists the chance that in a near future will exist the hack option to my "not-hackeable" GH1??, its a good camera for certains things, but to be honest i had a great let down cause this not hack fact... patience its the key word i think.
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All other details, including answers to your questions will be available later.

I have purchased a G2 from a friend with a "Japanese Only" menu, and i request you to help me with something to switch over to english.. it is a travesty of the freedom of the purchase.
I wanna give this to my girlfriend, and i'm sure she'll flip-out after a few days, with the language problem.

Warm Regards..
Has anyone tested the hack for G2 with MANUAL VIDEO MODE checked? Do all the manual controls really disappear after switching off or turning to other snapshot mode?


..btw, i've gotta say! I tried and successfully tested the pTool. Woo!
G2 is now operable in 30 languages. I've applied all the hacks except for the "tester hacks".

Here it is..

Thank you 'tester' - you are the best, i am gonna save off my student 'expense and contribute to you.

fig.1 English Menu

fig.2 All the available languages
Yes, they are.
Just enter menu and exit from it to be back to switch from photo manual modes to same film modes.
Спасибо, Виталий! Привет из Болгарии!
One more question to you, please:
The only thing I'm not sure is about VERSION INCREMENT: to check it or not to check it?
My G2 is brand new with firmware 1.0, never hacked or upgraded!
So, what do I need to do with VERSION INCREMENT exactly in this case?
Check it, it won't hurt :)
Btw, do not check PAL/NTSC menu, as it is not working in current version.

Ok, the hacked firmware works! :)
But what do I need to do exactly so that to see the video manual settings? I'm on movie mode (AVCHD), but don't see any additional controls (like Aperture, Shutter, etc.).
Also, when I open AVCHD video file taken before hacking, Media Info shows "NTSC, 50fps". Now, after hacking, Media Info shows exactly the same - "NTSC, 50fps". Is this normal? Why doesn't it show "PAL, 25fps"? My G2 is UK PAL model actually!!! No "NTSC<>PAL Menu" checked in PTool !!!
Please for your advice!
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Vitaliy Kiselev:
"Current needs: Unhackable GH1" means you actually need a new GH1 to continue your work? Will donations contribute to this?

Thanks alot for all help people, even tho im new to the panasonic cameras.