GH1 firmware research volunteers required

Your hack is great. But I would like to have a specific hack intended for photography.
Could it be possible to change the default value for Automatic ISO or iA mode on a GF1. Actually it is set to 1/30s, and it is ridiculous. It should be 1/60s like on any other camera.
Thanks a lot if you could add a hack for this feature !
I am looking for the page detailing how to interpret the GH1 serial numbers. I think that it was posted by Vitaly Kiselev and it included the possible meaning of the characters in the number. Month by month and so on.
Many thanks.
thank you DaLiV. This page explains the interpretation of the first four serial number characters. I remember seeing another page that more explicitly details the meaning such as the relationship between the months and the first twelve letters
of the alphabet. I thought that it might contain some interpretation of the rest of the characters. Nonetheless, if the only derivable information is from the first four characters, country, year and month, then this one will suffice. I just bought a GH1, not here yet, which starts with WE0GDXXXXXX. Most likely it will not hack, so when it arrives I might just send it back and wait for the GH2.
I started adding information to

Right now I added link to newly released MN103 processor module for IDA 5.0
And also small section about AF100.

I'll keep adding information.

After some necessary work, I'll release and add used tools with description.

Next, we'll move to databases.
just a question, and it seems very obvious, but has anyone tried putting on the stock 1.32 firmware, but using ptools to increase the version number of the firmware to something higher than 1.34 and naming the file higher than 134 also?
vitality, thank you so much for your labor of love! I just got my G2 and is experimenting with the latest PTool. most functions under user-patch seems to be working ok. but the 422 color sampling doesn't work (lower half of the frame are all gibberish). am I doing something wrong or is it really a bug that is yet to be reslved? Will the 422 function be fixed on the next upgrade of the PTool on G2? that will be a dream come true!

Also the G2 MJPG default color profile seems to crush the black quite a bit, which can not be adjusted in camera. this is true even when contrast is set to -2. And I am having a hard time rendering darker skinned clients proper skin exposure in semi-dark to dark wedding venues due to the G2 built in MJPG color profile. Is there something that can be done from the PTool or future PTool upgrade? perhaps there's another that one can ajust the black point while video in the MJPG format in G2?
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I go further nowhere to go can not. Shows a page with a password required.

Please, improve your English reading skills a bit and don't bug Vitaliy with irrelevant questions.
To answer your question, there are only a few pages with details at the site. Clicking on a link for which there is no Wiki page yet (the underlined links) will redirect you to an admin page where you can create that page, hence the need for a password.
Vitaly, thanks for putting so much effort!
I recently bought a G2 and to my surprise it doesn't have the ability to shot time lapse movies. (i.e shot a picture every X amount of time)
Would it be possible to add this feature to your hacked firmware ?

Thanks a lot!
Question for some G users.
Not taking price into account, which would you chose the GH1 or the G2 (not GH2) with the available hacks?
I will be using the camera in-studio to capture stop motion animation using mostly stills but some HD video.

To Vitaly or anyone who thinks they can be of help. I am one of the "stupid" ones who did not do his research before purchasing a GH1. The camera I purchased is a version 1.34 with a WEOG serial. I have not been able to hack it. Any pointers? Is a hack in the works? Is there any place where I can donate to the cause towards a hack? Also, can anyone tell me if there is a hack or any way to increase the MB bit rate/sec on the LUMIX FZ 100? Is it possible? Please help!! I am desperate for answers and guidance. Thanks.