Canon EFS 10-22mm 3.5-4.5


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Has anyone used this lens with the 7d? I have heard a lot of talk about the Tokina 11-16, and was pretty set on that, but after seeing this Canon I am having second thoughts.

Sure, the Tokina is a bit faster, but isn't one of the things you want in a wide lens a deep depth of field? So then the extra speed isn't so important. The Canon has a much wider zoom range, and is only a bit more expensive.

Is the Tokina's focus throw much wider?

What are everyone's thoughts?
I have the 10-22mm on my 40D and use it all the time to shoot architectural photos where straight lines are extremely critical. The distortion is barely perceivable on the 10-22mm for stills, so I don't think you'd notice at all for video. I love this lens.

I was about to recommend it to my friend who I am advising on what lenses to buy, but I just noticed a note on B&H saying it only works with certain cameras. Maybe they just left the 7D off by mistake.

If it does work on the 7D, I would go with the Canon.
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I have the Canon 10-22mm for my 7D as I too wanted a better zoom range than the Tokina and critical for me (because I also shoot a lot of architecture and design work commercially) I needed the absolute minimal barrel distortion possible - and the Tokina is a little weak in that respect. Sure the Tokina 11-16 is a superb lens - not least because of it's constant aperture of F2.8 (great for video, but the zoom range is VERY limited, think of it more as a prime) - but the Canon is also a superb lens with other strengths (and the weakness that it's about 1/2 stop slower on the wide end / is not constant aperture).

Horses for courses! Which one YOU chose depends on your own particular needs but either are well recommended for the 7D. Tokina is right for many but was not for me. I'm very happy with the Canon 10-22mm! Lots more info in my post in this linked thread on the other forum (if this is allowed).
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For me, I would get the Tokina because of the faster speed, and the fact that it's a constant f2.8 aperture. Conventional wisdom dictates that f2.8 is the minimum speed for indoor shots. So yeah, the extra speed is important.

Not that I do a lot of zoom shots, but it is nice to have flicker free zooms which is not possible with variable aperture lenses like the Canon you mentioned.

Also, I have a Tamron 17-50, so the Tokina compliments that well.

The Tokina is probably going to be my next lens.
Do you all use this lens for video? I just bought it to use with my t3i, but when I'm in Movie Mode, it won't let me adjust the aperture. I've got the "Movie Exposure" setting to manual, but it just won't work. If I'm shooting outdoors, everything is blown out, even with my ISO all the way down. Sine I'm shooting video, I have my shutter set at 50. The only way I can get this lens to work outdoors is if I change the Manual Exposure setting to auto, but then I have no control over the shutter, iso, or aperture. However, if I shoot in M mode for pictures, I can control the aperture.
Are you trying to change it before pressing the record button (i.e., not during recording)? Are you holding down the Av +/- button and turning the dial?

Does this happen with other lenses?
Are you trying to change it before pressing the record button (i.e., not during recording)? Are you holding down the Av +/- button and turning the dial?

Does this happen with other lenses?

Yes, I am using the AV button and turning the dial before hitting record. I stopped down to 25 and it looked just as exposed as 5.6. I have three other lenses (50mm, 18-55mm, and 55-250mm), and all three of those lenses let me adjust the aperture. I don't have to change any settings or anything for those; I just swapped lenses and those work fine while this one won't do anything. I feel like I must be doing something wrong.
In case anyone runs into the issue that I had, it turned out to be a defective lens. I guess in video mode it was stuck on the aperture. I kept hearing a constant clicking. I got a replacement lens in today and it worked like it was supposed to. I was able to adjust the exposure manually, and it only clicked when I changed the f stop.