'Sunrise' - short skate edit with FS-100

goodie pocket

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just finished this little dit from an early morning (4am wake up call) skate session here in Denver. only had a couple of hours, but I am pretty happy with what came out of it. critiques encouraged. thanks, enjoy.

I'm not usually a fan of the skateboard stuff, but that was great. Awesome shots, composition, images in general looked fantastic.
Maybe if I ever forced my lazy A$$ to get up early I'd see that too....
Love your edit, and that park looks quite nice.

Where is the location? I lived in Denver for a few years, but only went to the park in Arvada. (this was many years ago)
thanks! they actually just finished this park a month or so ago. So it's brand new, but it's also in Arvada. It's the same square footage as the Denver city park, but it's all usable (ie half of it isnt little paths etc). If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend stopping by.

stoked you guys like it!