New firmware to control new 18-200 servo zoom with telecommand or FS700 wrist


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Hello, do we have any chance to have a New firmware for Fs100 to control new emount 18-200 servo zoom with telecommand or FS700 wrist? Thank you.
The controls on the lens are surprisingly convenient to use, I expect they will be used more than the rocker switch on the FS700.
I am also waiting for this! :)
Kraut - good luck for use controls on the lens on camera jib :)
I don't think that Sony will ever work on the FS100 firmware.
V2.0 is the last one, I guess.

But: I checked, if the FS700's grip work on the FS100. Most of it does!
At least REC, "expanded focus" does work. Haven't checked the zoom control, but
I tried the zoom rocker on my EA50 with the SEL18200PZ and it was more or less
useless. Much to slow and very rough starts and stops. I never used it when the
shooting was serious. It's much faster done by hand...

Of course for Jib it makes some sense... but who on earth uses a jib with the
kitzoom anyway?
I don't think so. I tested with three LANC controllers. FS100 simply hasn't implement PZ controll via LANC, Ea50 has. Rocker also work on LANC protocol.
Erik - there is 18-105/4 with PZ. It make more sense. Anyway 18-200 isn't that bad. FS100+kitzoom still produce better image than classic camcorders with 1/3" sensor :) or even ea50.

But sony faster make fs100 successor than new firmware. It's time for something between fs100 and fs700.
You can forget about a new firmware.
I haven't seen any FS100 in the flesh in Japan at any Sony event, workshop or even official dealer, not even a catalog around. And that for the whole 2013 year!
Of course you can still order one to Sony, price has droped dramatically (2500 USD) since 9 months. (At that price i bought 2 last summer!)

Now that the "NEX" camera serie has been officially replaced by the "Alpha" i believe that the NEX-FS serie will have no more new camera coming, so it will slowly vanish.
My bet is that the FS700 4K upgrade was the last for that serie and we can look forward a new exiting one coming soon ;)

On a personal note, i find that this is an underrated camera.
If you find the proper PP and can monitor it precisely, it delivers stunning images and still kick many asses!