Magic Lantern or AJ 5.9 - autostart after 12 minutes/4G?


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Hi - I have a shoot coming up and need to override the 12 minute limit on my Canon 5DM2. I tried installing both Magic Lantern and AJ 5.9 on my system. Trying to navigate around to see how to set this up but can't find an obvious menu item that allows this. Can anyone direct me to the correct menu line on either Magic Lantern or AJ 5.9? Thanks...I will familiarize myself with all the options soon but it's a bit overwhelming right now.

change the bitrate via CBR control can bypass the 12min limit (actually it's FAT32 file system limit, which is 4GB max). but you are still limited to 29min29sec recording time, and with reduced quality because of lower bitrate.
It is all the way to the right. Also a note for everyone. I have found that even increasing the bitrate can yield longer shots than the 12 minutes the camera usually limits to. Example. We were shooting 5D CBR at 150% and ended up with an 18 minute clip. So it seems to me that while it is a constant bitrate it is dependent still on the scene. So if you are shooting something that wouldn't require a high bit rate while in variable mode, the constant bitrate is also going to be lower, thus allowing you to record longer than 12 minutes.