FS7: Help viewfinder broken


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My FS7 EVF broke. I need a replacement. I tried a HDMI monitor but then the user menu isn't visible.

Do I need a SDI monitor to have the sony's - menu on an external monitor?

Other solutions?

You would need to borrow or have access to a viewfinder to be able to access the menus. Once accessed under the Video Output menu you can then set the HDMI and SDI output #2 to display the menus. I nearly always have my menus up on output #2 for use on an external monitor if necessary.


If you are game to try a "blind" menu selection try the following. Connect an HDMI monitor, or an SDI monitor to output #2 then attempt the following. Press your menu BACK/CANCEL button six times to make sure you are right back at the Root menu. Now go slowly and roll the menu wheel UP eleven "clicks". Not knowing where the cursor bar was last left sitting in the menu eleven clicks should get you to where you need to be and that is at the top of the Root menu page at the USER position. Now roll down on the menu wheel exactly four clicks. That should land you on the VIDEO menu. Now press IN once on the menu wheel. Now you should be in the video sub-menu. Now roll your menu wheel down exactly four clicks. This should land you on the OUTPUT DISPLAY sub-menu. Now press IN once on the menu wheel. Hopefully, we are now in the OUTPUT DISPLAY menu. Now roll the menu wheel UP two clicks. Now press the menu wheel IN once. This should select the output display to ON for both the HDMI and SDI #2 OUTPUT. Now the final step. Roll the menu wheel UP one click and press IN on the menu wheel. This is the SET function to execute the menu output to those two outputs.

If all goes well you should now see your menus on both the HDMI and SDI #2 outputs. Good luck!

Chris Young.
Hi Chris, Thanks!

It was a bit of a catch 22 situation. I opted for number one (after I tried option two a few times.)
Option 1 then took 6 seconds after I borrowed the LCD viewfinder.

It was a bit confusing, before I got the settings right the menu worked on the hdmi output while 'view thumbnails' was on. Only the menu options that I needed were greyed out.

Anyway thanks a lot!
Hi Chris, there is one more setting that I had to change. And this is why the 'blind-menu-option' didn't work for me. That is the setting in Video menu 'monitor' or 'recorder'. In 'monitor-mode' the signal has the menu layer, in 'recorder' the signal is clean.

So for future reference let's add this to your blind menu option: Enter menu, then four clicks down and enter, two clicks down and enter. To put the camera in Video-output-mode in monitor or recorder mode.