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  • Hi there!

    I saw that last summer you concocted an SLOG3 to Cinetone Lut for use with the FS7. I would LOVE to get my hands on that. Doing a 3 cam shoot of a playreading but one of the cams is the FS7. I see the google drive link you posted no longer works. Any chance you could send me a new link? :)
    i have just seen an a7iv at more affordable has 22000 shutter count...isn't it a little bit too much what you think?

    The A7iv has a totally new design of shutter over the A7iii. Which did have some shutter issues with very high shutter counts. I have not heard of a shutter issue with the A7iv so far. At 22k I think that would be fine. Especially if you are shooting mainly video. I forgot to mention that as far as noise levels go up to 12800 it considerably better than the A7Siii. 90% of the time I am shooting HD 50p. Most of the time I'm using crop mode because I have a number of S35 lenses. If shooting FF, as I mentioned, I use either the 28-135 mm or more frequently I'm using the 24-105 mm. I really like that lens as it is much smaller and more compact than the 28-135. Have a look at these two 4K examples out of the A7iv in APSC mode. Both shot using the Tamron 18-300 mm F/3.5 - 6.3. Not a fast lens, but look at the 4k night footage. Nothing wrong with it.

    These were the test shots I did before putting down my hard-earned money for the A7iv, So I understand what you are saying about the cost of equipment. Seriously, I have no complaints with the output of the A7iv in low light, or any light conditions. With the screen open I have often recorded up to 3 hours 30 minutes continuously on entertainment shows using a PD certified USB-C power supply of 9 volts, 3 amps. Not once have I had a heating issue. Sony's recommendation for external power is to use a 9 volt 3 amp 65 watt USB-C supply. Just make sure the Hi Temp setting is selected in the menu and that the screen is flipped out.


    Also check out this comparison :)
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