Deluts log 3 vs technicolor cinestyle vs marvels cine


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The Canon 90D has a great out of the box video look, but sometimes the built in profiles are pretty contrasty. I know shooting log with a 4:2:0 8 Bit may become noisy, but I've heard of people using these with the 90D (log profiles that you load into the camera):


Have you guys tried any of these? How do they look? Does the video stay clean after grading?

Would shooting log with the 90d require the ATOMOS Ninja V to get best results?

I've shot with flat profiles on my Nikon, they're a compromise, but sometimes it's worth it to hold highlight detail. Flat profiles raise the noise floor, reduce perceived detail, and increased banding, so it helps to ETTR, unsharp mask, and dither.

I find them rather difficult to grade, so it's definitely a plus if they come with a corrective LUT.
I downloaded all 3 and put them on my camera. Today, I tested MARVELS CINE. It's the least log like. I'll see how it performs with grading.
There is nothing you can do to obtain more DR with this camera (and there is no C-Log externally).

All of those profiles make the image a little flatter but it will fall apart once you start manipulating it.

Cameras like this are supposed to be used as is (which could include baking in a third-party profile). You nail the look inside the system and make only very minor adjustments later (maybe add a little saturation, adjust contrast, etc).
My Nikon's 64 Mbps bitrate hack helps me push the files further than normal, but I'm only making slight adjustments. After applying a corrective LUT, I generally apply a little selective contrast, +10 saturation, and highlight recovery.

Back when the 5D MK II was the fad camera, I think a lot of people shot with the Neutral profile with the sharpness, contrast & saturation dialed down.
That makes sense and that’s how I planned on using the camera — nail it while shooting mainly home videos. When shooting indoor stuff, use lights. Not a lot I can do outdoors, just pick what looks the best and live with it.

I was just seeing if it was possible to lessen the contrast. Apparently you can do it a little bit, but nothing like true log. I think to really try it anyway, I would need a ninja v to see if I could push around the image without breaking it. The ninja files would do better I imagine.
Depending on the shot, a CPL can really help in holding highlight detail. It looks like there are a number of people who made their own flat profiles and are advertising them as C-Log for DSLRs, which is rather misleading, but that's marketing for you.

A Ninja will get you a higher bitrate and 4:2:2 color, but it might not help much if your 90D already utilizes efficient compression at a decent bitrate. I'm out of the loop on the new Canons, but the first couple generations of HD-DSLRs had a decent 45Mbps bitrate, which was utilized rather inefficiently, so Nikon cameras with B frame compression could yield the same quality at about half the bitrate.