[FS: Support] Vinten vision tripod for sale


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Selling my Vinten Vision tripod package. It is the Vinten 5AS fluid head, Bowl is 75mm, 2 stage carbon fiber legs, spreader, case. I would give it a 9.5/10 out of 10 rating in terms of condition and quality. It is basically in new condition. It was used almost exclusively in house. I bought it for 5000.00 around 2 years ago and it seems to list for around 3000-3500 plus taxes, plus shipping now.

This is a professional tripod and anyone who is familiar with Vinten's gear knows the quality of their fluid heads.
I'm looking to get 1900.00 (plus shipping) for it which I think is a fair price as you'll be saving over 1500.00 over buying it new.

for more info on the tripod itself.

I'm in Toronto if you would like to view in person.

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