Things to do BEFORE buying a camera (or any gear)

I've written this same post many times over in response to people questions about whether or not a certain store is 'legit' - so this is my attempt to put it all in one place.

Before you send off thousands of dollars to someone with a nice website in hopes of getting that killer deal on a camera - DO YOUR RESEARCH.


1) Before anything else CHECK RESELLER RATINGS.
They have a huge database of online stores, with ratings based on the last 6 months of reviews, as well as the lifetime of the business.

Simply do a search (under store names) for the Online Retailer you are considering.
Then look at the ratings, and read the reviews.
KNOW what you are getting into before you buy.

2) If you are considering a Brooklyn based store, which is a notorious place for scam outfits,
Check This PHOTO GALLERY of storefronts.
That is a great collection of photos put together by Don Wiss.
Do a search using your browsers 'find' function for the name of the store you are considering.
It will show you where your money is going.
If most people looked at those shops before ordering from them, they wouldn't have been surprised when they got ripped off in some way.

3) Do a search on DVXUser for the store you are considering buying from.
Chances are, someone else already asked about the store you are looking at.
Doing a quick search just now I found all these links asking about the legitimacy of a store:

Thread 1
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Thread 7
Thread 8

Read over those threads - and others like it - and learn what red flags to look out for.
This will help you sort the legitimate deals from the scams.

4) Lastly - and most important - don't get suckered by greed.

There are many people out there who are willing to lie to your face to get your money.
Don't be naive, ask the right questions, and do your research.

With just a little education you can make an informed decision and minimize your risk when dealing with an online retailer.
Take the time now to learn who to trust, and who to avoid - BEFORE you send anyone a penny.

And even though I'm writing this in hopes of not having to answer the same question over and over,
if after doing a search on here you don't find anything about the specific deal you are looking at - DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK.

That is exactly what this forum is here to do - to educate, spread information, and give us strength as a network, not only of filmmkers but also consumers.
Hopefully it will help keep you, and anyone else, from being taken advantage of.

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Hi Guys. I'm new here and wanted to say "hello" without creating a new thread and interupting the train of thought. I really appreciate everyone who shares their knowledge, creates items just for the DVX cameras and offers their valuable time to individuals, like myself, who never attended film school and barely know which end of the camera to look through! I knew enough to spend a few weeks reading and now I'm ready to purchase a new DVX100B. So thanks again for all the help and i'm steering clear of the "such a deal i've got for you!" places.
Thanks Luis. If I might add a bit of advice someone put here a long time ago. Don't buy a camera. If you're going to but anything, buy lights and other gear. Luis himself commented about how he was always able to use other peoples cameras because he had lights and stuff. I know of lots of cameras and very few jibs, cranes, dollies, steadicams, etc. So if I were going to drop a couple of grand again, it would be on gear, not a camera.
You can always trust B & H

You can always trust B & H

Luis is spot on. If you're considering new gear, make it easy on yourself...order from B & H. Everyone who does is satisfied. I have ordered about 10 items from these guys and everything came as ordered. The 1 issue I had with a light kit (missing umbrella), was corrected with one phone call.

Also, don't hesitate to ask these guys for technical advice. Some of these guys have serious knowledge as they are often filmmakers themselves.

B & H is the easy way to go and the prices are almost always pretty reasonable.
Monitor? Any suggestions..

Monitor? Any suggestions..

Thanks for all the info. can someone suggest to me, a decent monitor for editing. i've been looking around to see if I can find something I can use to view as broadcast quality. With out spending 10,000 thousand dollars. Any suggestions.. much appreciated.
thnx for the much needed in africa and want to buy a dvx 100 pal do you think i can trust global media pro?iv checked them out and i think i can trust them??pliz advice!any one whose had an experience with them pliz let me know,if not them pliz suggest any who can ship out here or to the England.thnx
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