FS7: Sony FS7M2 - Issue booting up camera

Hi there --

I have a Sony FS7M2. It's been a workhorse for me for 4 years. Recently it seems to be having an issue where it has trouble turning back on after being turned off. It usually happens if it was turned off previously in the past 5 minutes. Usually I will turn it off, maybe we move shots, take a few minutes, re-set up and I'll turn it back on. At this moment, the power light will turn on, but all the other lights (XQD card lights) and the monitor, will not. The only work around to this is I remove the battery, count 10-20 seconds, insert the battery and try again. It then powers up.

Does anyone know what could be going on with my cam?
Need more info. What other accessories / adapters etc are attached to cam when powering the camera down? Are you using Sony BP batts that came with camera or other mfg's batts?
To follow-up with what Mark said, do you have an external monitor or other power hungry accessory attached, if you're using a brick via adapter plate(Gold or V mount). When I used a larger on-cam monitor on my F55(Gold Mount, monitor powered via d-tap), if the monitor was already powered-up, sometimes the camera would not power-up. I'd have to power the monitor down, power the cam up and then turn the monitor back on. I figured the power surge when powering the camera up must have been too much with the (almost 8") monitor already pulling on the batt.
Hi all -- Thanks for the responses. I've done some testing and can answer the above questions and responses.

This is happening without anything connected to the camera. At first I was thinking it could have been a lens adapter, but can confirm it happens to just the body of the FS7 (with monitor attached of course). I'm also using Sony brand batteries, BP-U35's & BP-U70's.

I'd love to avoid sending it in to my local shop as their current repair time is up to 16 weeks.