FS7: Simultaneous recording

Eric Coughlin

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I've got a Sony FS7 and was trying to enable dual record to record to two XQD cards at once but it's grayed out in the menu and has a message saying it can't do it. Why is that and what do I have to do to enable it?
Which settings?

Don't think it's supported in certain modes and resolutions...4K, S&Q, probably others.

Someone else might know exactly which ones, IDR.
As NorBro said, quite a few recording formats are excluded – including all of the 4K formats.
You can’t use Slow & Quick Motion.
Both cards need to be suitable for the chosen recording format.

Also, check the RECORDING > RECORD BUTTON SET menu and make sure the first option is selected. The other two choices will only roll one card or the other when a record button is pressed, but not both.