Shooting "undercrank" 2fps on a6300!


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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd share a little trick I stumbled upon on my a6300. Did you know you can shoot "slow" frame rates (quick motion) in video mode? If you drop the shutter speed between 1/15th and 1/4th of a second, then the camera starts to record duplicate frames with the proper "long" motion blur. All you have to do is speed up the footage in your NLE to get a nice filmic "undercrank" look.

This technique is much simpler than using the timelapse app or using an intervalometer. All you have to do is drop the shutter speed, no need to leave video mode and mess your settings!

Check out this video I made mixing 120fps (1/250th shutter) and 2fps (1/4th shutter):


I know it works to some degree on the NEX-5N, a7S and RX100-IV: if you switch to 60 fps but leave your shutter at 1/50s, it records duplicate frames. I always thought of this as a bug and never thought of going down to 1/4s to get this effect, but it should work.
This is a feature that every camera I've ever owned for work purposes was able to do, apart from Canon's DSLRs. It's been a standard feature on Sony cams since at least my old PD-150. Same goes for every proper video camera I've worked with or rented - including many from Canon and Panasonic.

I think the only reason so many people are surprised to find this feature on cameras today, or that they think it might be some kind of bug, is because a whole generation of shooters started out with Canon DSLRs. The 5DmkII/7D/550D etc video modes must've been designed by stills-camera engineers to whom the idea of an exposure longer than your output frame rate was incomprehensible. Hence, this feature was omitted, even though video cameras found a solution decades earlier and camera operators have been using it as a practical effect ever since.
Sorry to revive a very old thread...but what shutter speed would I need to select in order to get a 20fps equivalent on the A7S ii?