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I own several Panasonic video cameras as follows:
DVX 100
HVX 200
DVX 200
I'm trying to figure out in what color space these cameras record in.
For the DVX 100 it is clear to me it records in Rec-601 color space/gamut because it is DV camera
For the HVX 200 and DVX 200 I have no idea in what color space they record in because their respective user's manuals are mute on this point.
So is Barry Green's excellent book "A guide to the PANA DVX-200"
The only one that makes it unequivocally clear is the GH5 User manual in page 211 that clearly states that motion pictures are recorded in sRGB color space.
Does anybody have an answer to what color space the DVX-200 and HVX-200 record in?
Thank you in advance
Likely Rec709 as 99% of the world's cameras did back then (along with Rec601 for SD).

Maybe drop one of the DVX200's files into a file-reading program to receive a technical assessment (like MediaInfo).

[The DVX200 also has a LOG gamma curve.]
To further elaborate on my post above, I do understand that the gamma and overall picture can be tweaked by the SCENE types the user may select.
My question is aimed to understand in what color space those cameras record when recording in SCENE 1, which appears to be an unmodified profile and as natural as one can get from the cameras.
NorBro: thank you for your timely answer. I have MediaInfo and it is of no help on this particular parameter, not because the software itself but because the Metadata recorded by these two cameras is sparse, at best.
I've checked files from the GH5 and HVX200 with MediaInfo in the past so it should work (there are different modes in the application).

Nevertheless the color space is likely Rec709. They didn't make consumer and prosumer hardware with anything else.

It's the standard for image encoding in High-Definition that's used in cameras (and sRGB is mostly used for the web but it's based on Rec709).

It's been Rec601 --> Rec709 --> Rec2020 (newer cameras).


P.S. For an official answer, maybe try messaging a few of the support departments...usually you'll receive a generic message that's been passed on from the engineers if the person reading your inquiry is having a good day.
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NorBro: further exploring in the Tree view of Mediainfo for a DVX-200 file, I came across Color Space: YUV ; Color Primaries: BT 709, Matrix coefficients: BT 709.
For a file from the HVX-200, Mediainfo in the tree view shows Color Space YUV
Thus my questions have been answered.
NorBro, thanks a bucket !!!