Panasonic Lumix gh5 best quality file format to record in...


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Hello Group,

I just got my new GH5, brand new the DSLR (I used to use the panasonic ac-130) I'm looking for some help in which file format to record in for the best quality and workflow with FCPX. I researched that MP4 LPCM is best quality, but, I edit in FCP X 10.3.3 and I think I'll need to convert the media to quicklime, prior to trans coding, or will FCPX trans code when I import as optimized media. I guess it's a FCPX question as well.

Thank you for your help!

Here''s a good thread on the subject.

MOV and MP4 LPCM are the same exact video encoding in a different container. The audio can be 96hz/24bit in MOV. I'm on PC so not sure, but I think you would be hard pressed with the preamps in the GH5 to see a difference in audio quality between MP4 LPCM 48hz/16bit and MOV 96hz/24bit.

Maybe someone has some samples that can show the difference? It would be interesting to see