My first short film shot on Canon 5d Mark II. Halfway home.


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It is my first short film that is going to be expanded. But I would also love your thoughts on ideas on this. Thanks so much.

This is a short film/teaser with a concept that is being conceptualized and expanded.

Directed by Magid Metwaly
Shot & Edited by Magid Metwaly
Music by Chris Myhal
Two Minds One Eye Productions
Show with a
Canon 5D Mark II
24-105mm F4.0 L lens

Edited with
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Adobe After Effects CS5
Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Sony Sound Forge 10.0
Looks nice you might want to try an IS lens if you are going to hand hold or some sort of steady cam just to smooth out the nasty jello jerky stuff
It was your first short on this camera (as stated in the subject line of this thread). There's always something to be learned whenever you switch to a new system, and you usually don't learn it until after your first project or test shoot. The problem with the DSLR cameras is that they (most of the time) have crazy rolling shutter issues. But you live and you learn. Good luck on your future projects with the 5D. It's truly and amazing tool!