GH4 Lots of slow motion footage from Indonesia (Life of a Trafficking Victim)


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This was my first shoot with the GH4 coming from the AF100 and required no audio or interviews. I compiled everything - it was footage created for a museum like exhibit broken up into 2 minute chunks as viewers walked through. NOT AT ALL stoked on the titling - didn't have time to do it properly - but thought I would share as good real world use of almost every VFR setting on the camera. This is all shot in Cine-V + some Three Way CC in Premiere.

Will update titling & color grade later on down the road when I have time! :)
That was harrowing. I don't know if the soft cinematic feel was a conscious choice, but it does stand in stark contrast to the horrors it's depicting. Perhaps it makes the message more powerful.

Thanks for sharing.
I have a question about that - soft cinematic feel, or shooting "gorgeous footage" for "dark realities" - I've had that comment on a few pieces of work.

Do you feel the shallow depth of field, the smoothness and composition of the shots, etc. detract from the feel or dilute the emotional impact? If so, why and how would you recommend still shooting technically excellent video but more appropriate to the subject matter. And if not, why not? Why does it work for you?

Thanks for the feedback!