JVC GY-HD110U help


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sorry for the double post. i some how missed this part of the forum..

I have the option to get an JVC GY-HD110U.. i dont know much about these... from what I have seen or been told. that this has a detachable lense. Others have said that you still need a DOF adapter along side of this? can anyone give me some insite on this camera.. my main concerns are .....does this lense on it work as like my DSLR does not as the dvx100b needing an DOF adapter..
and what is a good price range for this and a couple of batteries..

so compared to the dvx native... how does this camera compare with things like DOF ... might be wrong but i was thinking with the lense that is on the JVC GY-HD110U , would be able to get shallow DOF native easier..

I've used several of these guys and personally I would NOT buy the tape based version of this cam for several reasons. maybe the card based version, if it was dirt cheap. and yeah, you will need a DOF adapter. the lens on that camera is more of a news style lens (ENG) lots of range, but not a lot of DOF.


^by the time you build that, you should have just bought a DSLR, or maybe the BMCC will be shipping in bulk
yeah i already have a T2i and the t3 and a dvx and the M2 DOF adapter.. was just hoping this camera would give me a differant type of filming kind of and was HOPING that type of lense would eliminate the need for the adapter...hmm thats not good
Food for thought, You can pick up an HVX for about a grand now, and you already have an adapter, i think all you would need is a step up ring 82mm (vs the 72mm on the dvx) and some cards and your good.