HPX250: Issues switching into playback mode


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Hey Folks,

Quick question for you. Since the last firmware upgrade I am having issues when trying to enter playback mode. If I load a card that has footage on it, and then power the camera up I can not access playback mode. If I wait about a minute I can then access playback mode with no problems. From there I can power down, power back and and still get to playback mode fine. It just seems like from the initial card load and power up, it takes about a minute before I can access playback mode. Is this normal or do I need to send the camera in.

That's certainly not normal... are there like a hundred gazillion clips on that card? Try a freshly formatted card, switching to playback should be very quick.
It's doing the same thing with a fresh card. Looks like it will be going back to Panasonic.

Thanks for the response Barry!

quick update on this. Decided to reinstall the latest firmware before sending it in to Panasonic. That did the trick! I can now access PB mode as soon as the cards finish loading.