HMC150 and AF100 Still a Viable Combo!

Thanks G Gariques!
For us this combo of AF100 and HMC150 is a nice and versatile 1-2 punch. When the project calls for both run 'n gun and more time forgiving stationary set-ups. Swapping lenses, even if it takes less than a minute, is less than ideal when the shooting situation calls for quick mobility. The venerable HMC150 has never let me down. The AF100 with Lumix Leica Summilux 15mm & 25mm, Leica Nocticron 42.5mm, Lumix G X 45-175mm, covers it all. These two cameras cut very well together. We'll be releasing more episodes of "Exploring California" soon.
Here's one of our latest HMC150 - AF100 projects, working together pretty well...
After filming I noticed that the front end of my shotgun mic dead cat had been singed pretty good from the heat of the furnance used to make/melt the glass. I had no idea it was that hot... I wasn't even that close to the furnance... Or so I mistakenly thought. Lesson learned. Fortunately the mic itself, nor camera was damaged. Shewww!
Haha! Yeah I know what you mean. I've had cameras and gear closer to danger than I realized before too
I still have some HMC150 cameras, but my large sensor Sony cams have taken their place for staged corporate work - sharper 1080, shallow DOF, and 1080 60P-240P.
I still use the HMC150s for events, weddings and other things. I still like them. Just don't like the lousy LCD screen.
Hopefully HD will be useful for some years to come.
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Yep, the HMC150 is/was a really fine camera. I totally agree with you Firehawk, the current era of CMOS/large sensor cameras are superior in almost every way. The HMC's viewfinder leaves a lot to be desired for sure. For me the HMC150 ushered in the tapeless workflow... That was a biggie. It can still give you a "modern vintage look", so it still has it's place. However as time goes by I find it increasingly difficult to remember where that place is. :undecided
Yeah the HMC150 ushered in the tapeless workflow for me as well, in addition to HD.
I still like CCDs and global shutter!
Some of the 1080P fooage holds up well against my CMOS cameras and some of it doesn't. Wide landscape type shots don't look so great but some other things do.
I still like the skin tones and the CINE gammas they can do too.

In fact if I had an AF100 like you do for the more artsy stuff I'd probably use my HMC150s more.
But I ended up getting a Sony APS-C camera a couple years ago and since I also have Sony action cams it made more sense to get another Sony for my main camera, so I got the FS700R because Sonys are easier to match with Sonys
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Acknowledging that this is a HMC150 thread but I did include the AF100... so... Wow... that FS700 is a mighty fine camera. :) Have you started doing any 4K with it just yet?
Makes a whole lot of sense to stay in the same camera family. The Panasonic duo of AF100 and HMC150 can match extremely well, although I do have to "pick" my shots to smooth
the AF to HMC transitions/edit points. Almost sneaking the HMC shots in sometimes. I really enjoy it all. You hit the nail on the head about distant landscape shots. Distant being anything over 50 ft., the image can lose detail really quickly. I'm gonna stick with this combo as long as I can...until an acceptable (to me) true AF100 replacement arrives from Panny. It might not. Ya never know.
For weddings and events I also use a small camera Pansonic AG HCK10 which can easily go atop a tall stand or pole, etc. It's a full raster 1080P camera with the guts of an HMC40. It gives me sharp 1080 for wide shots and matches the HMC150 pretty well so I can use the 150 for tighter shots.

It's weird about the HMC150; sometimes the 1080 looks real good, and sometimes not. I've kind of learned what to expect on certain types of shots over the last few years.
There are some shots it has intercut well even with the FS700.

I've not yet gotten the O7Q+ to enable the 4K of my FS700R. I plan on it and also getting an A6300 so I will have a pair of 4K cameras.
But as long as HD is still alive and well I will keep using the afore mentioned Panasonics for un-scripted events. They just work and are easy to use for un-skilled operators.

The AF100 and HMC150 is a good combo, covering both beauty DOF needs (AF100) as well as global shutter action stuff (150). I considered buying an AF100A back in 2013 when we needed another camera. But in addition to beauty shots I also needed another event camera so I ended up getting the NEX EA50U to handle both and that was the start of my transition to Sony.
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yeah it is a fantastic combo, your work looks good!
I updated to the AC160 but still have time for the HMC150, i find shots look better on the long end of the lens for some reason, wide stuff looks a bit soft.
Still a usable camera and like you easy to intercut with the AF100. We shot a series of helicopter training videos with the 150/160/AF100 and GoPro4, also an RAF training doc with same combo, links below

PS. watched your video again, the colours look nice, especially the interview with the old cowboy guy in the train, how did you grade?
That HCK10 sounds like the perfect remedy to get past the HMC's wide shot shortcomings. I readily admit that it took me quite a while to "reign in" the HMC150... More than a year
for sure... The AF100 took less time... only because of previous experience with the HMC.

No rush for the 4K... I hear you. Me neither... Not too many folks with 4K televisions just yet... but 4K is more than the 3D fad... I didn't fall for that one. :) I'll give it (4K), sometime to mature, if it can, before it's usurped by 6k or 8k. When the time comes for me to jump in for 4K or above... well let's just say I'm looking forward to it.
What I've seen looks fantastic... in the right hands of course.

Sounds like you and Sony are doing just fine... very cool.
TubEfingers... it was bad enough for me just riding in helicopters, let alone shooting from them! :) That is great looking stuff. They must have been very pleased with your work.
You had to be very pleased!

That looked like it was fun and just a little scary (always a good combo), I think they call that exciting. Extremely interesting and well put together.
Which camera did you utilize the most?

I really favor the Color Finale Plug-in with included LUTS and CoreMelt for "power windows" and more... all within my NLE of choice FCPX.
I choose this route because although DaVinci Resolve is great... the round tripping way of doing things is just not that elegant for me when I had to do it often.
Color Finale and Core Melt allow me to stay within FCPX... it's really nice.

Your work is always stellar! Thanks for posting/linking.
Yeah that's great work! I really like how it starts with the guy at the awards explaining he makes the glass and inviting a visit. Then the scenery shots and actual people doing it and talking. I think it captured the spirit and personality of the man with the craft very well.
I still like the Panasonic look too! :)
Firehawk, can you look at my HMC forum post where I just broke my HMC-40? I too still have some HMC-150s. Since you do too, maybe you can help steer me to my next camera. I may have to brand jump from Panasonic and I do like Sony. Just being out of the video camera purchase scene for a few years has me totally out of what's current.