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I can play the footage fine in premiere pro but it gets choppy from time to time, I know I should transcode it and all that but I dont want to have to spend the time doing that. Do I need a better cpu , i7 7700k? or a ssd for scratch files? I know its more taxing on the pc for Long GOP footage but any advice would be great, Id like to know if anyone with the i7 7700k can play the footage back smoothly. Id say 40% of the time it plays back fine until it gets to half way on the clip or it hits a 10bit 422 file it gets choppy.
I have an i6700 and am able to play DnXHR files just fine. There are all kinds of threads & discussion on this site as well as many others about the problems premier is having with the native G5 10bit files. Over on Cinema5D one of the Adobe reps said they're aware of the problem with GH5 10 bit files and will fix it in an update.
I can edit 4K H.264 just fine but it occasionally becomes choppy, for simple editing it is ok, but for heavy editing I prefer to transcode.
I doubt a fix will solve the whole problem.
Obviously something got broken in the latest version because now it is 100% unusable and that should be an easy fix but I have experienced a lot of instability using 10 bit H.264 in Adobe Premiere even before the GH5 came around.

Their code base is old, a lot of functionality actually clips or mishandles out of legal range data and some base effects still have only an 8 bit resolution. It looks like their core engine is due for a redesign and should be based on something that natively will support ACES.
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