First Wedding Video!

I find it a bit to "documentary". Some of the camera movements and zooms are too fast, and the editing is a bit too rough... Wedding videos should be a bit more... dreamish.. some nice fades, calm camera movements, some really nice slow motion and so on... But it's your first video, and it's only my personal opinion... and it looks great for being your first! Keep it going!
Thank you for the criticism, it is greatly appreciated. Now that I look back, I agree. I have been thinking about venturing out and getting a pilot steadicam. Very excited about the idea
I'll be honest, I think the 'dreamy' wedding videos are a bit overdone. Obviously if that's what you show on your website and that's what the couple wants, by all means give it to them. But I like the 'real' feel this video has. It recalls the event as it was, without any overproduced looking effects. When they look back at it in 10, 20 years, they'll think "yep, that's what the day looked like", not "boy, I don't remember everything being in black and white while being bombarded with the light of god".
Yeah...the DSLR/slider/depth of field stuff is waay overdone....not only that, but it's damn near impossible to do with one camera and one videographer. The fancy "films" you see are a MINIMUM of 2 guys with 1-2 cams each...

It all depends on what the couple is able to afford and what they want....if they want film-style then they need to pay.
just finish watching your wedding video. I think it is nice but most important is what the couple thinks. We all have our different styles and ways to capturing life so keep doing you. I am venturing out into the wedding videos looking to see how it is being done. yours was the first I viewed. Peace.
Ragour is right. It only matters what the people paying for the video think. If they like it it's good. I liked it and there was a lot of footage so you can always go back later and make it more "dreamy" if that's what they like.