SOLD Contax Zeiss and Ironglass Anamorfake Lens Sets - Fake Anamorphic

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Hey guys! It's time to clean up my lens sets and let go of the things I don't use so much. I got two lens sets here, both anamorfakes, aimed to create the anamorphic look for much less than anamorphic glass costs, and with less quirks too!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Contax Anamorfake Set (28, 35, 50, 85, 135) - SOLD

I got these lenses to learn how to mod them. They all feature an oval insert as the widest aperture, so they lost one stop of light (all f/2.8's mean f/4 when wide open, and the 50mm is f/2.4). This creates oval out-of-focus areas, such as anamorphic lenses. In the best scenario you shoot "wide open" and use an ND to control exposure. The set includes 28/2.8, 35/2.8, 50/1.7, 85/2.8 and 135/2.8, all in AE version except the 135 which is MM.

Now that I've successfully finished the task of modding them, they are ready to go. They're all in great shape, no scratches, fungus or haze. Focus is smooth and iris works as expected past the oval shape (you can still stop them down). The mods are also reversible, as long as you decide to open them up.

The kit includes a transport case and two adapters (C/Y to E-mount and C/Y to EF). All the lenses except the 135 are roughly the same size and weight, meaning they're great matches for gimbal work. All lenses come with front and rear caps.



Ironglass Set (37, 58, 85, 135) - SOLD

I got these babies planning to shoot a ton but I ended up moving away from set and into post-production. It saddens me to let them go, but it saddens me more to have them collecting dust on my shelves. I love USSR lenses and Ironglass makes a great job of modding and tuning them.

These lenses are custom tinted with orange highlights and a gradient oval iris insert that offers a good level of control between image tint and contrast. All lenses feature a blue streak flare inside the aperture. The oval aperture insert also shapes out-of-focus highlights like anamorphic ovals when the lenses are wide open. The insert takes away a stop of light when shooting wide open.

All four lenses are in tip top shape, with buttery smooth focus and iris action, geared rings, hoods that step to 80mm diameter and 77mm filter threads through the set. PL-mounted and silver-colored, people will come up and ask about the gear you're using to shoot. These come in a matching silver case and all lenses include front and rear caps.

The set includes a Mir 1B (37/2.8), Helios 44-2 (58/2), Jupiter 9 (85/2) and Jupiter 37A (135/3.5)

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