Canon 5D mark iv vs Sony A7r II for Event Photography - Advice?

I would venture that 95% of all the commercial-corporate photography I do uses some combination of speedlights. On a rare occasion, I use continuous lighting. Don't own any studio strobes with modeling lights. My issue with OVF for stills is the latency of the vf. Just me.

Of course I'm talking about what *I* like and that depends a lot on what I shoot and what I don't shoot. I don't shoot sports, I don't shoot wildlife, and I don't own a flash and wouldn't know how to use it. I light my stills just like I light my videos: with continuous LED and tungsten lights, which is what I own because most of what I shoot is video. YMMV.

Still, I think most users shoot stuff where an EVF is better than an OVF: family reunions, kids, travel photography, that's the kind of stuff for which I'd really take an EVF over an OVF, every time.