Camera and salt spray, best way to clean?

Capt Quirk

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Yeah, the title is pretty explanatory. I was out on a fishing boat for 20 some hours, and while it didn't take any direct hits, we did get a lot of spray. I had the lens on the entire time we were on the boat, so only the outside of the camera was exposed. How should I clean it to prevent problems down the road?
Don't potatoes absorb sodium? You could slice some up, rub them up and down your camera, and then fry 'em up and enjoy a snack.
Wiped it with a clean cloth, but wasn't sure about using household chemicals. I also wasn't sure if a dry cloth was enough.
How do you know spray did not enter the interior? If you're relying on this cam for work you should get it checked. Even if it was just the outside, a dry cloth isn't going to remove all of the salt. Second to taking it to a pro, I would wipe it down with damp cloths, going one way and only one time, with each cloth only being used for one wipe to avoid spreading the salt.
Considering the quality of care I got from JVC the last time, I would rather hire a crackhead to service it.
Sandy prefers Panny but is willing to take a look.