GH5 adobe new build 4k, ryzen or intel advice


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I know in a bit intel is releasing the new i9 ect , but right now I am lookin at either the Ryzen 1700x cpu or i7 6800k cpu the cost difference is too small for it to matter that much to me, the big thing is the gaming performance and the memory speeds with the ryzen build as I can build one for about $1000 and ad my 980ti to it and ssd's.

thanks for any advice

old parts for new build:

32' benq 4k monitor
500gb samsung ssd
1tb mushkin ssd
2tb 7200rpm hdd
2tb ext. hd
I don't have first hand experience with the Ryzen as I have a 6700k but from what I have heard the Ryzen is better at encoding by a little bit but the Intels have better game performance.