5D and FCP workflow/reconnecting media issues...


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I shot a ton of footage on the 5D and have been editing it now (the converted pro-res files) for over a month.. In the span of 2 days, I moved a bunch of files to a different external HD, and my FCP application shut down and I had to reinstall it... So, about half of my files are offline and I can't figure out how to reconnect them... I have tried everything, I think... I think my problem is that all of the files in the project have been renamed, so the original file 'MVI_0204' numbers aren't matching up to the renamed 'Bob goes fishing - Close Up' files... Is there no metadata in these files that stores the original file number??? When I right click on an offline file, and try to reconnect media, the only symbol that comes up under the "Offline" tab is " - Just one set of quotation marks... Sorry for the windy note, please help! Thank You
Are you editing with native files in FCP? Or did you transcode to ProRes and those are the files you can't reconnect to?

Have you enabled "Show Source" in the Browser window (right click on the column headers and select from the drop menu). This should help you figure out where the file 'was' and what is is called.

If that doesn't work, have you tried right clicking on the files and choosing 'Rename to match file' ? This should help you figure out which file is which.
no luck

no luck

I tried to reconnect by the right clicking the column header, and enabling "Show Source," but all the missing clips only read...


So, looks like with 5D files, if you change the files name in the project, it's original name/number is not saved... Huge lesson learned unless anyone has any more ideas...
....and did you try right clicking on the file and telling it to rename to the original file name?
I did, and it just deletes the file name... Any more suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you Exact.. I guess with the 5D converted files, the original file name and number is not saved if you change the file name in the project... From here on out I think I will leave the files with their original name and numbers and just pull them into a sequence and edit that way... It seems like labeling each individual file is old school, or maybe I just need to keep the original number and just add notes to the clip... I was trying to be organized but it came back to bite me.... Thank You, let me know if anyone has good labeling and organization techniques for bins, clips, sequences and media in general...
How did you convert the files? If it was via the EOS plug-in then you could match the files based on the generated timecode. If you took a shortcut and used another offline utility then you probably lost that opportunity too.... :(

I've never renamed files in FCP - from any camera. I always use the shot/angle etc in the metadata and sort on those fields. Reconnecting to converted 5D files should not be a problem normally, we do it all the time. Reconnecting / batch capturing from the original files has proved tricky in the past but once we developed a work flow that 'actually worked' it's never failed us.

Having said that, we're using CS5 more and more with DSLR files now. Sorting / Adding metadata about the shoot in Bridge before bringing the footage in to the NLE seems a much easier way of sorting things :)
I used the new Log n Transfer update in FCP.. That converted the files into pro-res and imported them into my project... Once they were in the project, I renamed the files according to location, day, action, etc... I haven't seen any timecode on these files, just the sequential file number on the original files... Your help is hugely appreciated, thank you..
I haven't seen any timecode on these files, just the sequential file number on the original files... Your help is hugely appreciated, thank you..

The latest version of the EOS plug-in creates timecode from the file date/time. That way the files aren't set to 00:00:00:00 and can be ordered by time. If you had this much you could still have matched the files :(