4K 10 bit 422 vs. 4K 8 bit 420 vs UHD 422?


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Hey folks. New to the forum and considering buying a DVX200. What's been your experience quality-wise with recording 4K 10bit externally and 4K 8 bit 420 internally? Does the external 10 bit really outshine its internal brother?

Also, does it record UHD 422 (8 or 10 bit internally)?

Thanks for your help!
hi! welcome!

I just had a concert 2 days ago and shot it in UHD 10 4:2:2 30p. Please wait for 2-3 days and I'll publish it.

Can't remember from top of my head about internal recording... I think it's just 422 8 bit for UHD internally.
Really depends on what you are going to do with the footage. Using an external recorder at 10bit and LOG you have a lot of latitude to push grading around. Internal 8 bit log not so much. For me, if I am doing internal recording (8bit) I'm really going to try and get a good baked in look so only minor (if any) grading will be done. Get the baked in color right and this thing really produces a superb image! Even 10 bit isn't going to get you the latitude of pushing around say a still image in RAW, but you do get more than with 8. In all honesty, I find grading 8 bit log really frustrating because you don't have to do THAT much to start getting banding that you actually wouldn't get with a good baked in profile (plus the workflow is easier... at the end of the day it all seems to end up at REC709 anyway!). Go figure. So for me, internal recording's going to be with a baked in profile minimal grading; external will be LOG with light to mild grading. All in all, the DVX really can do a superb image either way and 8 or 10 bit it exceeds web publishing standards (I've done some broadcast TV commercials with baked in that came out really well). I've learned to really plan and be deliberate about the setup and shoots to get the best out of it, and have to admit I had a pretty steep learning curve coming from DSLR video... But all in all, it's a hell of a nice tool!