Simulating a projector image?


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Guys, I´m doing a music video where I would need to have the lead singer against a wall singing while a stop motion animation is being projected into his face. Ideally I would have an actual video projector there to project the stop motion animation into the singer´s face, but I´m having a hard time getting one. I was hoping this could be done with after effects. What concerns me is how to achieve the tridimensional effect that the projection would have on the singers´ face (the projection wouldn´t just be flat). Any tips on how to do this?
I'm not a post guy, but I would suggest trying to find a projector and do it in-camera for real, as you mentioned above. I did a promo/hype shoot last fall and it was a similar concept. New race car driver and old race car and they were projecting old historical footage over them both(tying them together and a sort of handing over the reigns feel). It seems like it would be a very hard thing to do convincingly in post. Obviously I don't know what it's like in Rio, but at least here in the US, small video projectors are very inexpensive. Obviously how big of an image you need and resolution and brightness will effect the price, but just a quick google search and it shows B&H has one for $69.99 US. I don't know what shipping would be to you, but that kind of gives you an idea that you can find them very inexpensively.