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Hey Everyone ,

Have You Seen That Trailer For That Movie That Was Shot On The Sony Hvr-z1u? The Trailer Is On This Site. The Guy Who Shot And Edited It Used Something Called Dvfilm To Edit The 24p Look When He Shot In 60i. I Wanted To Ask If Anyone Has Used This , And If It Looks Good Or Not. It Looked Pretty Good When I Saw The Trailer , But Has Anyone Seen This Effect On A Tv? Does It Look Like 24p?
thank you

thank you

Sorry about the caps :laugh: Thanks alot! I see it really works , but what looks more "film like" DVFILM or MAGIC BULLET?
I've been extremely pleased with DVFilm Maker. I usually leave the motion detector sensitivity at 500 which seems to remove all but the worst interlacing artifacts and doesn't seem to reduce the resolution at all in static areas. It's a fairly simple straight forward program, works fast if you have a decent computer, and best of all it just simply works. You can see some stills of footage I processed with it here:


Shot in 60i on a Sony VX2100. Motion detection sensitivity was set to 100, so you can see some interlacing in a few of the images, but it would never be seen on a tv screen. I really think it's a tough program to beat considering the price and ease of use- just my opinion though.


edit- Forgot to answer your question, woops. Magic Bullet and Maker will provide very similar looks, they'll give you the motion characteristics of film. Color correcting after the 24p processing is VERY important for achieving a look similar to film.
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Any ideas on which is better? MAGIC BULLET or DVFILM?

I know that magic bullet is expensive and works really slow , but I was wondering if that might be because the results are better. Is this true or , do they look alike.
I saw a test that shows the dvfilm video , the vegas video , magic bullet video and the 60i video.
It looked like the magic bullet had better picture quality than dvfilm and more film-like motion. But dv film had that slight filmic blur that you usually see on a movie.
does the motion look better on magic bullet than dvfilm?
The reason im asking is that I am wanting to buy dvfilm, but Im wondering if magic bullet might be better , other than it is really slow and expensive