AE camera through monitor


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Hello guys!

Just trying to replicate the effect from Matrix when camera pass throug a monitor, like you can see in this youtube video at 2:15

Can someone helping me with that or maybe a link for a tutorial?

Thanks in advanced!
Easiest way in after effects to me would be film locked off in a higher resolution than the deliverable and scale the footage up using a null controller. It would be two shots, one plate with the monitor in it's setting and the other would be the monitors content. Comp the content into the monitor and just cut the layers when the camera passes through the screen. Add some rgb split effects or cc ball action or led diodes on top of the cut point to make it seem like we are passing through a physical object.

Doing it in camera would be more challenging because you'll want to ensure the zoom or dolly is consistent between the two shots. The After Effects set up would be more time consuming as well because you would have to 3d camera track or Mocha the monitor plate to make sure the monitor content is scaling correctly relative to the plate shot.
Thanks for your reply timist025 but maybe i dindnt explain good...
My goal is to replicate the effect exactly at 2:22. It seems to be some kind of aberration that use for passing the monitor to Neo... not sure.
There are dozens of ways to make something similar so it's difficult to pinpoint what they exactly did in which software.

But most applications have built-in tools that can help point you in the right direction.

Here's something similar done in Motion with two filters; prism and then wavy screen (in that layered order).

Not exactly the same but you could probably recreate the Matrix one from scratch which looks to be a grid of lines created by blocks (and maybe circles) that have prism-like colors. Accompanied by a fade behavior that also appears to stretch and desaturate them when they exit.

The most difficult aspect of motion graphics design has always been experimentation with parameter controls because there are infinite possibilities with almost endless amounts of elements (which may have different names across various programs). And adjusting their settings such as [in this case] amount, amplitude, wavelength, scale, angle, contrast, etc. may all result in very different outcomes.

Motion Effect.jpg
Norbro, this effect will be ok for what i looking for.
Can you share with effects did you use or the project for AE?
I made that in Apple's Motion. If you're on a Mac and end up buying the software for $50, search for the two built-in filters ("prism" and "wavy screen") mentioned above. Nothing else was used.