220V Question


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I am travelling to Europe next week and I have aquired adapters for the plugs and
re-bulb-ed my Redheads to 220V -650W Bulbs.

Question is this , can I use my dimmer which is a standard Leviton 120V-1000W potentiometer style dimmer.

Also my extension cords have those little lamps on the end to let you know juice is there, will they blow under 220?

Any help with this would help.

No you can't use your dimmer. The 230/240 volt power would likely damage it.
Don't quote me on this, but I believe those neon indicators are rated for about 500 volts.
Follow up on this.......

I am back and here is what I learned.

1) The 220V rebulbing worked fine with all my extensions cords etc.

2) One thing that did fry was a surge protector power bar, I guess the electronics were rated for 120V and the 220V made short work of it. (Breaker blew after a puff of plastic smoke)....

3) A good thing is that all the transformer type things ie. laptop power supply, HVX battery charger, 35mm camera battery charger all worked in the 220V arena. I just used physical prong adaptors and plugged them straight in to the wall, that was a good thing..