You Tube settings, do they re-compress?


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OK, I followed advice of others on these forums.

From FCP, I exported my Quicktime video at 320x180 (16x9) H264 codec under 100 mb. for upload to you tube. (I even did one at 320x240 with black bars, same outcome.)

Here is the un-you tubed version:

Here is the you tube:

Upon upload, You Tube gives a link to the video and says that is is larger size (400 by something, I forget) and that it is now a flash file.

a) it looks like crap in you tube, pixelated and heavily compressed.

b) is there a way to give them video that doesnt get re-compressed?

Shot in HD with HVX200. Sweet video!

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well? It is obvious that you tube makes some changes upon conversion to flash. What are optimal upload settings?
I suggest converting to a Divx file. I upload with that, and the videos look pretty ok...If you want a better option, you can upload photobucket. (Looks a lot better) or go to