Yes I'm afraid I have another adaptor.

I'd Sooo go for that...

I'd get the standard Twoneil and see if that's good enough.

The plus looks like a mounted achromat. I'd get the standard and see if you need the achromat. If you are attaching it to a smaller camera, you might not need it all.
Yeah, well I need to think about it. Is it really that difficult to make a decent 35mm adapter?

It's an extra $100-150 if I want to buy it...

So I have an update...
I think I'm going to end up building with that as the template...but will there be issues using such a large adapter on a 43mm HV30?

Another option is to use , and use a 62mm to 55mm when I want to use it on my EX-F1 instead. So I'd have it good for the HV30, but again, not sure about the intensity of vignetting if I were to use the adapter on my EX-F1, but it would be a plus not to have a gigantic 72mm adapter on my tiny HV30. Any thoughts?
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In either case you will want to get a lens support for the camera.

The only problem with a large 72mm adapter is weight on the lens. The plus side is being able to use your adapter with larger lensed cameras.

I wasnt sure where i should post this...
Is this accurate info in this article ?
Is academy frame so small and cropped ?
But then we will reach infinity very fast and wont be able to make takes in small rooms with 50mm lens ,and it will be useful mainly for close ups ,from chest to the top of the head,is it possible to make from feet to head shot with 50mm lens academy frame and not hit infinity?
I made adapter but dof is very shallow and stopping down doesnt really make a huge difference,it makes picture dark and small amounts are in focus but it doesnt change focus amounts drastically, ive got whole 35mm frame onscreen,if i crop then i lost field and will be able to make close ups mostly with 50mm .
How it is with film cameras ,you must have big rooms too for some takes ?
Hi everyone, I'm building the HD 35 and I have a question. I got a 72mm Cokin adapter ring for the base. Did I get the right thing? Here are pics of what I got.

It'd be pretty hard to put screws into that. Could someone post a link to BH video or amazon of what the correct part is that I need. I'm not a lens guy so this is all pretty new to me.

Also I'm having trouble with the Cannon FD mount. Are there more specs on that? Could someone post a link to what it is I need? I'm not a photography guy so bear with me. Also, how is that connected to the PVC cap?

I've got the step up rings, UV's and PVC pipes. So far I'm impressed by how snugly everything is fitting together!
going back to the original post, the OP used an FD mount & lens, is there any way around this? I checked my local camera shops and they say that they dont even sell FD mount lens anymore :-\ (unless they are loitering around on the internet somewhere)

(Sorry if this was answered already, there is quite a few pages built up since the first post...)
Well, there's plenty of FD lenses being sold on ebay and an especially large collection on

I'm actually selling one in the marketplace.
When you say "local camera shops" you mean like Wolf Camera and Ritz and the other big box stores right? They only sell new stuff, whatever is popular. They've collectively ruined camera stores across America and Canada.
well dont have those shops here but looked online and the FD lens / mounts seem easy enough to find :)

what about the Nikon F3 D screens? Is there an easy alternative to this, or a place to order them?