XL2 to Odyssey 7Q+

Not to hijack things, but what exactly was the jumble of cables and associated gear to get video off the XH-A1 onto an external recorder?

As I recall, I ran the bulky Canon D-Terminal to Component video cable from the camera into a $20 Component to HDMI converter box, and then ran an HDMI cable into my Atomos Ninja Blade. Additionally, I had to run a USB cable from the converter box into a small power bank. There weren't many mounting points on the camera so despite my best efforts to keep things tidy, it was a pretty chaotic setup.
Whichever you think provides more real detail. I'm so impressed with your clip that I was looking at XL2s today. Some of them flashing indicators for bad tape decks. Would that keep them from sending a clean signal via SVideo? Is there a dedicated "clean output" function?

I believe that even if the tape deck is broken the S-Video should still work, can't see why the deck would affect the "other" circuits.

I'll run some tests and see if there's any difference between the two modes. In my head I'm wondering if like... the closer to the original footage the better for the upscaling algorithm. I imagine Topaz is assuming "proper" 1080p, for instance, instead of 16:9 480 blown up to 1080, so in my *head* 720 is actually the move. Honestly I'll just rip off a couple seconds of both and we can figure it out together why am I typing haha
That's good to hear. Might have to see if I can pick one up. I love CCD cameras.

Topaz has several different modes, including algorithms that work for heavily compressed video, low resolution video, and even interlaced video. Basically I think the idea is to try to get something with as much actual detail as possible as a starting point.

Here's a Topaz test with another CCD camera I've been enjoying, the Lumix FZ-47:

The small form factor of this camera makes it so fun. I just wish it could capture in 24p.
Component have analog signal and can have nois its logical, do you can record clean video via analog bnc ? I have not tried it yet
How do I know the Odyssey can't record analog video? Because I own one.

I think he was asking back to the original poster from two years ago, who was advised about using a box to go from analog to digital and then another to uprez to a resolution the Odyssey would accept. As the guy behind the product, I can tell all that yes, this sort of thing has in fact been done as we had some clients looking for a special use solution. But unless you want to get some footage that will have lots of rather curious artifacts you will likely not like the results of this workflow.