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Attached is a screencap of my current Windows Task Mgr. It has sooo many things in it and I find that my computer (which is quite a fast computer) is slowing down a lot. It doesn't look right. My old computer never had that many...

Could anyone help me identify what is bad or good or required?
I've run Trendmicro anti-virus regularly, as well as 5 other anti-spy programs.

Re: Windows Task Manager Question (Help please)

Not sure what is self installed here but you need to get into your control panel and remove all the installed programs you have installed and no longer use. It seems at a glance you have installed lots of small 'helper utilities" over time and they are adding up. Just a tip: small helper apps that "over clock" or "speed internet" etc do shit. your task bar must be 4 inches long.  :p

You have a ton of shit running that I have to assume you do not need. Start uninstalling all you recognize and then see what's left over. May need a hijack remover. Check [start up] menu on task bar too

PLUS: I assume you know this but for others: When you come across a web page and a window pops ups telling you that you "must install a plug-in to continue" - Don't!
Re: Windows Task Manager Question (Help please)

You been officially spyware jacked! Damn, now thats alot. You got to cut on the porn, joking man.. Use Spysweeper. That's what I used and it gets rid of 95% of the spy crap. Your spysub and swdoctor anit doing jack for you. At most I have only 15. Give spysweeper a try. It always works for me.
Re: Windows Task Manager Question (Help please)

Thanks guys!

Yeah, my computer acting strange lately...if I type in or, sometimes it will just go to another site that I visited before or a site that I haven't seen before. It's f*cked up and I hate it!

How do I go to the start-up menu, I can't remember.


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C:\Documents and Settings\Your.Name\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Same for "All Users" and "Administrator" if they're also there under the Doc & Settings directory.

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Ad aware and spybot search and destroy get high marks from me.
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You have been hijacked for sure since your browser is jumping on you.

Uninstall un-needed programs first - Just deleting files wont work as they will just be there again next boot.

> [start] > [control panel] > [add or remove programs] - Go through list and toast anything you know you don't need. If in doubt, leave it. Uninstall all the spyware programs as well. You do not want or need ones that runs in the background and they obviously suck.

I would replace Trendmicro with Avast Anti Virus. It's free and VERY effective.

Install Ad-Aware. again free and pretty effective.

Install and run HijackThis - free -

Make sure you update the Virus and Ad Aware etc. Clean the system as best as you can with Ad-Aware and then run a full virus scan.

At this point you will be left will far less bugs to deal with. If hijack remains it will be easier to determine and eliminate.

Once you are at this point re post task menu.

Also: If you have no firewall - Get one!

Good luck!
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Some naughty programs will reinstall themselves automatically even if you uninstall/delete them.

This can be fixed by editing the Registry. DANGEROUS, but effective.

Look for "odd" things in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, \RunOnce, and \RunOnceEx keys.

There should only be things that you normally have automatically running at start-up. (And there really shouldn't be anything in the the RunOnces unless you're in the middle of installing/upgrading something)

You might also check these keys In the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive.

If none of the above makes sense, it's best not to mess around with it. Damaging the Registry could require a re-install of Windows.

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You should also consider formatting the drive and starting over with the intention of installing only what is necessary.
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MS just realeased Anti-Spyware Beta 1. Even though it is MS, it is very effective from my experience with it. Try that before you have to re-install. I ususally partition out a data drive and re-install about twice a year to keep my PC up and running good. So re-installation is just a part of a PC! :)
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Put zone alarm pro to work and nothing gets in or out without your say so. I run Norton and zone alarm and cruise with the windows down, system stable all the time. Before, it was always getting highjacked. PS porn sites will do you in without protection ;D
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[quote author=greeches link=board=gensoft;num=1104884882;start=0#12 date=01/20/05 at 11:37:06] re-installation is just a part of a PC!  :)[/quote]

On an internet machine, absolutely. I do it 2-3 times a year. Even with great protection it gets gunked up over time.
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Also, try CCleaner from It's freeware that cleans up all your old/irrelevant/redundant/screwed up registry and ActiveX problems (makes a BIG difference, I found). And it has really effective removal of temporary files/cookies/etc. It's small, and there's no spyware/adware/viruses to speak of.