Whoa: "Looks like rain"

The "live action" GH1 footage in this piece is freak'n awesome.

Like the wet pitchfork (?) handle superimposed over a fire's heat ripples @ 2:25.

Or @ 3:09 the slow, smooth panning extreme close-up looking down on the concrete curb with the rain splashing next to it: It's only concrete, but it's startlingly alive!

The "8mm film"-style footage (assuming this is in fact GH1 footage) of the little girl is charming.

The rear view mirror scenes are downright creepy/nice magic.

All props to Chad for a job very well done!
Some great shots... its so well done... amazing. I can't believe he only used the kit lens too. I like some of the ink in liquid shots and the slow tracking shots of water.

Also the kaleidoscope effect, but no idea how he did that one :)
makes me want to sell my hmc150, saving up to get two GH1's and the cinema kit from redrock now haha