Which camera to buy?

Not a shot at this post but in general, if you are doing an event shoot in 4K, your sense of appropriateness is probably misguided. Conference babble in 4K?! Please.

He's mainly looking for a camera to use with his family.

(I wasn't even going to mention overheating because of his goals with it, but figured I still should say something.)
I'm changing my recommendation: maybe you should get a used Nikon Z6

$1364 at B&H: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/802176709-USE/nikon_1595_z_6_mirrorless_digital.html

Supposedly EF lenses work very well for autofocus (at least in stills mode) with an adapter: https://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/fringer/ef-nz.htm

Or/and you could buy it with the kit 24-70 f/4 for $1800: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/used/1431707/nikon_1598_z6_mirrorless_digital_camera.html

I think the Z6 did not make a splash with videographers because it only does 4k30p (and not 60p), because it's Nikon and they were late to the video party, and I also think that you can only get log and 10-bit via HDMI out. I could be wrong.

But supposedly the autofocus is great, it has IBIS, and I like the colors. I considered it. And it has entered your price range for the used model and it's full-frame
I think that's overcomplicating it...

No 4K/60p, no internal LOG, no AF without native lenses...it's basically the same thing as the 90D but the 90D has the Canon AF and better colors and he can use the same lenses and batteries.

Plus he'd need to spend more money for a lens adapter and batteries and media/reader (XQD) for the Z6 adding to the budget in which another camera could then also be considered.
It depends on if he needs 4k60p. That was the biggest reason I passed on the camera.

If he has an external recorder, he can use LOG and get around XQD. Or I'm sure there are flat profiles in camera.

I like the Nikon colors.

The AF should work well with an adapter in stills. It looks like it works decently even in video with adapted Canon lenses:

It's a better camera than a 90D or M6 ii.

You're probably looking at 1800 all in as opposed to 2600 all in with the R6 (which still overheats).

Other option is S5 but that's $2200 just for camera, batteries, canon adapter and you dont get any usable autofocus in video with adapted canon lenses although it may work decently for stills.

Also, I dont think that the 90d or m6ii shoot 4k60 either
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These are some great choices and very well thought out. I decided to go with the 90d since I can just put my Ef lenses on it and know that the autofocus will work well. I am not a huge user of auto focus, but as a camera that I will mainly use for family stuff, trying to keep my fast moving son in focus is challenging. I am hoping this camera will help. I even have an Efs lens that I love that will work on it. The sensor will be similar to what I get with the pocket 6K. I think I came to terms that 10 bit/log with an adapter is going to be pricey. If I need higher quality camera files, I’ll shoot raw with my pocket 6K. For run and gun family stuff, I think the 90d will be fine for stills and video. I just know with video I will have to nail exposure in camera or I could break the image in edit if I push it too hard. Hopefully this logic makes sense. Thanks a million!
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Makes sense. I'm sure you'll be pleased with it and, as NorBro said, it will be a seamless transition
I recommend the canon m6 mark ii for $850 .They added 4k24p in firmware this year whereas it only shipped with 4k30p (and no 24).

If you don't care about autofocus, you could consider a gh5 or an xt3. You may even get usable single-shot AF on those cameras with an adapter