When does e-video image stabilisation kick in?


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Hi all! We are the happy owners of a couple of M2s and since we are mainly using them as HDMI-tethered streaming cameras, we have an image stabilisation question for you wonderful camera folks out there:

At what stage does the image stabilisation actually kick in?
  • When we press record? even if that record button sends a record command via HDMI and doesn't start SD card recording?
  • When we're on video standby?
  • Only when recording on internal SD cards (then what about HDMI out to stream or ninja or whatever and what about when using its streaming function?).
The 2 people I spoke to at panasonic said "only when recording on internal SD" but I somehow can't get my head around that and we don't have fast enough SD cards yet to try recording and working that out.
Other cameras do indeed work in certain ways with IS, but there are no specific notes about its activation in the manual for the GH5 Mark II. Meaning it's either ON or OFF, and it will not be able to be turned on in certain modes such as variable framerates.

You could usually see when it's working, so why don't you test it in various circumstances and see if you can tell? Maybe you could also check the menu and see if it's greyed out when recording externally or streaming.

Another way to test it would be to record a scene with it OFF and then turn it ON to see how much it crops into the image, and then do all the above tests with it ON to see if the crop stays the same which should mean it's working.

In short, the menu option in a smart camera should be disabled if it will not or cannot execute the command.