what video card????


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hey guys,
what video card are you all using in your pc? I have Vegas 5 and a boris fx 7 plugin. My pc says my video card does not support open gl. I am running a radeon 9800 dual monitors, dell dimension xps p4 with a 3.2g, am I missing anything?
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That's weird that it would say that. I'm running a mobile Radeon 9000, and it handles everything just fine. Make sure you have Directx 9.0c and the latest Catalyst drivers from ATI.
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The Radeon 9800 is definitely an OpenGL card. Good advice to make sure you have the latest drivers.
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You know, Yellowdog, once, a long time ago, it was the year 2003, the Radeon 9800 (Pro) was the fastest card in the world. And it really is an OpenGL card. Not as fast as the cards from Nvidea, but fast. If OpenGL should not work, then it might be a driver issue, a missing OpenGL driver.