WAR PORT (KAROSTA) exclusive


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Karosta translates as War Port (or Navy Harbor). It is located in the west of Latvia, in the city of Liepaja. Karosta used to be a secret military town for the Russian Empire, and later on for the Soviets. As Latvia regained its independence in 1991, the Soviet army had to leave Karosta. As a consequence, the population dropped dramatically from 25 000 to 6 000 inhabitants and the town has fallen into a state of partial despair.
In 2013 we shoot architecture vision competition, and now i made short directors cut video version on it,

This is part of my local city Liepaja!

Wow! amazing to see a city like this in disrepair. Your slider moves are great. Especially liked those bizarre shots of the buildings falling into the ocean.Really eye-opening to see such a different part of the world.

War Port might make a good name for a metal band?