GH4 V-Log L 96fps to External Recorder? Possible? Workflow tips?


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Hello everybody. I have been a very happy user of the GH4 for 3 years now. I just recently upgraded my V-Log-L firmware via Panasonic's website. I mainly just use the GH4 for slow motion whereas I use my Blackmagic 4K as the main. Are there any recorders in the market that will capture the V-Log-L output in 96fps? I can't find anything on this. Or a type of workflow.

Any tips, or do I just use the V-Log-L internal recording as is? Tbh, I've always had good results even without the V-Log-L since I always use proper lighting. Thanks boys
It doesn't matter what an external recorder supports, the GH4 outputs footage at the base frame rate over HDMI when shooting VFR. For example, if you're shooting FHD 23.98fps w/VFR @ 96fps, the HDMI output is 23.98fps.