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Brandon Rice

Producer Mod
We have designed the "USER FILMS" section as a place for folks to post PRODUCTION DIARIES and BEHIND THE SCENES on the making of their shorts, features, music videos, commercials, etc.

It seems as though this section has become a "catch all" for a number of threads without anything but "watch my video" or "what do you think about this clip?" (These kinds of threads should be in their appropriate clip forum). We would like this section to get back to what it was originally designed for.

We have several guidelines that we would like each person to adhere to, and if you do not, we may move your thread or remove it completely. Please view the items below.


1. THREAD TITLES: We ask that you name your thread in a specific format. For example, if you're posting a thread for a feature film it would read "FEATURE: Stricken" If it's a short film it might read "SHORT: A Date with Destiny". There are built in prefix's that will help you with this.

2. CONTENT: We ask that you reserve at least TWO posts in your thread for Behind the Scenes content on your film, this can include behind the scenes photos, production notes, etc. We also ask that, IF POSSIBLE, you include a POSTER in the first post of your thread.

3. THREAD "FLOW": We ask that you keep your specific thread on point in discussing the challenges or technical details of your production process, etc. We don't want threads getting completely off-topic into something that should be discussed in another sub-forum.

4. CROWDFUNDING: If you would like to start your thread in pre-production and you are asking for CROWDFUNDING from one of the approved third-party websites (IndieGoGo and KickStarter), please review our policy below.

If you start and maintain an ongoing production journal on your thread, you are free to announce DVD sales, and engage in fundraising campaigns, etc. In other words if you maintain an informational/educational thread about your production process, there are commercial perks that come along with that.

If you share your process and your journey, others will benefit. You will also have built up a fan base by doing so. You give by sharing your process. You take by being allowed the commercial privileges listed above.

If you would like to post your work to share with the community from a more promotional standpoint, please feel free to do so. However, please be aware of the fact that commercial activities, such as fundraising and DVD sales will require a one-time $50 dollar advertising fee. You will be placed as a "sponsoring member" and may use this privilege indefinitely.

To pay for this fee, go to your USER CONTROL PANEL and click on PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS, this will bring you to a PayPal page where you can submit $50, which is good for 10 years.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything in the User Films section, please send a PM to one of the DVXuser moderators.


I hope that we can keep on these simple guidelines. If you don't, we will ask you to change it, or move the thread to a more suitable sub-forum.

Remember, this is an excellent place to promote your project and teach others as well!

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