HPX250: USB to Host fantastic!


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Today I tried the USB to Host function for the first time, formatted a new USB drive ( it does its own FAT32 thing called S drive) and copied content to it. Its now being imported into FCP and I must say: stupendous!
I was worried if my macs read it but its no problem at all. Each card is saved as a partition and the files are recognized.
This helps me a lot and is a fantastic feature. Copying 32 GB with verify off takes around 20 minutes. This is a major achievement for me,I dont have to lug a laptop around anymore, thanks Panny! Well done!
Good to know

Good to know

Thanks for letting us know.

I'm hoping to get a HPX250 soon and this is one of the important features for me.

Are you running your hard drive off of the USB bus power from the camera, or is your drive plugged into a power source when attached to the HPX250?

I've been doing this a lot more lately and it's a nice feature. One word of warning, if you are using Micro P2 cards in the adapter in the HPX250, it will not recognize them when you try to export to your USB drive. Only E-series cards and before are recognized for export. It records on them fine, but you have to transfer them via your computer and P2 Viewer Plus.