Unkown Exception


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I recently upgraded After effects and Premiere to the latest versions (on PC). I had some lower third templates that were dynamically linked between the two projects. I converted both the premiere and after effects project files to be compatible with the latest versions, however, the dynamically linked clips are not working. When opening it up in after effects I get an unkown exception error.

Not sure how to get this to work again.
Seems like an crossover/upgrade isssue. I reverted back to the old versions of the two prpgrams so that I can keep working on my projects withought redoing the lower thirds. Hoping the next update will fix this issue, otherwise I have no way of converting my old projects properly.
In the past when I've had less-than-dynamic linked assets fail, I've just rendered them out as separate files and imported them into the Premiere, the old school way. Doy.