Tvlogic VFM 5.6


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has anyone hooked up the monitor to a canon 5D?
got my monitor today and hooked it up to my 5D with hdmi cable and out with sdi to my panasonic17".
preview look good on both monitors but once i hit record on the 5D, i get nothing, anyone have experience with this monitor?
My panasonic 1710 never had problems handling the downgrade before, my normal configuration is a black magic box to the 1710 and the dp6 onboard.
Spoke to the Preco people and this is not suppose to happen.
I am in the process of returning the tvlogic for a new one, hopefully the new one works properly.
new one works pretty well but it still has drop out issue.
they just came out with another firmware update, hopefully that will take care of it.