The Vintage Lens Thread


I'm looking at a Mir-24 35mm/2 for $120 and a Jupiter 9 85mm/2 for $170. Are these decent prices, or should I look elsewhere for a fast 35mm and 85mm?
Lens caps are very easy to locate on Ebay. Just type "lens cap" and the size ("49mm", for example). Cheap but they take weeks to arrive from China.

The Mir 24 price is about what I paid for mine back in September. Glass condition: 9. Function: 10.

The Jupiter 9 price seems high but they do seem to vary. I think it's wise to compromise on cosmetics to save money, as long as the glass and the function are fine.
If it's a single-coated lens, it's just a minor concern. If it is uncoated, this is more of a concern.

The coatings help to control reflections; a single coating will handle the majority of them, multi-coating will handle nearly if not all of them.
Has anyone adapted a Pentax PK-A/R lens? I picked up two Pentax K lenses and had to cut the aperture lever in order to not damage the mirror on the T3i. Wondering how much different the A/R is going to be, as I've read that they're potentially dangerous even on the cameras they're built for.
Got the lens today, I think that its a M42 mount, am I right?


Not a lens but I just bought this adapter for the helios 58mm which I know is a favorite of many. One of mine. Love this lens. But when it's really bright there are many times I want to open that baby right up for the depth of field without having the sun white it out. I found this adapter ring on amazon and then put a homemade variable nd filter I made on the end. You could just use a 52mm nd filter too. Man, really makes a difference.
I see a lot of lenses like this.


No lens caps included, but in essentially a little tupperware container.

Is there any down side? It seems that finding fitting lens caps for a lot of these vintage lenses isn't easy.

Speaking of fungal growth, how do you help prevent it after purchasing and keeping these older lenses?

I've seen these containers before for older lenses. The black lid is in fact a rear lens cap that the lens screws onto. Once fixed to the lid the whole thing is then attached to the clear container. I have seen them used both with and without additional front lens caps. Never thought about uv preventing fungal growth. Interesting. I'll have to do the experiment with my lens that has recently and tragically been found with the first few spots.
Ive a set of Supertak m42's. work great. However using these on Canon 5dMKIII can damage the actual camera.

I had two 5DMKIII bodies show these symptoms:
Body 1. Worked fine overnite with canon L lenses. the next day i put on my supertak and got Err20 appeared shortly after placing the supertak on with m42 adaptor. Err20 could not clear, and the shutter made a clank noise constantly and would not clear err20 even with battery out.

Returned the body and got a straight swap over.
Body 2. Worked fine with L lenses. Put same supertak on, and this time the LCD live view displayed skipping vertical lines , which appeared on footage. Returned body the next day (camera store loved me). i am on my third 5dMKIII body, which i have not yet used the supertaks on, because i have extreme paranoia that my particular m42 adaptor will cause the same issue.

Both supertaks and the m42 adaptors worked AOK for years on 550d, 7d, 5dMKII.

Please tape up the M42 adaptor which faces the 5DMKIII AF pins. I highly suspect the 5dIII new AF system and new digic 5 circuitry has additional voltage or signals on the AF pins (even in movie mode), and when the m42 nears those pins, it shorts the pins in a bad way.

Others on C5D have experienced no problems though.
Hey there,

I've been slowly building up a collection of lenses (mainly vintage) for my Canon T3i. Does anyone have any suggestions for helping me improve my collection as I'm not sure what to get next. Here is what I have so far:

Canon kit lense 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 (wide but slow)
Auto Revuenon 28mm 2.8 (quite soft)
Super Takumar 50mm 1.4 (yellow but love it)
Praktica 80-200mm 4.5 (slow)
Variable Auto Teleplus + Tube 2x - 3x

Thanks a lot for any tips!