The new DVX?


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Hey All! Question for you guys… I’ve had every iteration of the dvx lineup since the 100, loved my hmc150, but these days I am mostly shooting with bmpcc’s and gh5’s, BUT. I still have occasional use for an eng style cam and am looking at maybe selling or trading my dvx200 in on the latest model. That said, I am not sure where to begin. The landscape has changed quite a bit in 4 years. I see the cx350, hc-x1, it looks like the UX models are deprecated. So what’s next? What should I be looking at as the newest lineup? - thanks I’m advance and happy shooting!

If Panasonic-only, the CX350 has been pretty popular for that niche.

[Canon has the newish XF605, which I'd love to have if someone bought it for me.]
The last advancement in camcorders was about 6 years ago with the introduction of the 4k 1" sensors. Camcorders are out of favor so don't expect anything going forward. That said CX350 is the best value Panasonic camcorder now that the UX line has been discontinued.
I literally have not used my DVX200 at all since I got my CX350, which is an improved camera in almost all respects. As NorBro says, if I were buying today, I'd take a very hard look at the Canon XF605 as well.
Thank you all so much for the response! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I think a good run & gun ENG handheld is great to have on hand for those shoots where you may not get a second take. I also am constantly running between indoors and out and don't have time to mess with circular NDs. I think the CX350 is the right cam for the job. - Thanks again, NorBro, Peter and Greg!
Even though UX90 has been discontinued, it's still my primary camera to film stage performances. I'm disappointed they haven't made any meaningful advancements but its still more than adequate for that type of work. For live event most people aren't going have the time grade footage.
I still need those type cameras for events. If I were to start fresh I would buy Canon XF605s due to color and autofocus.
But since I am already invested considerably with many Panasonics that would be a costly move. So I considered adding a CX350 to my pair of UX180s but ultimately bought a like new HC-X1 for a good deal.
If I am still around in a few years I might buy some XF605s then, or FX6 / FX3 combo. Until then, the UX180/HC-X1 while frustrating, are "good enough" for me and save $