Th13x3.5BRMU HD wide angle still in use? Value?


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I am out of the loop a bit on the JVC HD line and looking for advice.

I have a Fujinon Th13x3.5BRMU lens purchased for a project started in 06 that I completed late last year. I see it still for sale for around $6500 (I purchased mine for closer to 9k) but don't see much talk about it.

Is the lens still in use? Is there a market for the it? I'm just a little surprised that I don't see any postings. At the time of purchase it appeared to be the best Wide Angle option especially for doc situations though these things can change rapidly.

Thanks for any info.

It's the lens we all dream about...

And as the camera lines continues to saturate the market, I expect the demand will only go up especially considering the 200's big price drop and the fact you can buy it without the lens...awesome glass.

Bad news I've seen people selling them for 4500 bucks.
$6500 is about right for the Th13x3.5BRMU new.

We also have the Fujinon HTS18X4.2BRM available for $7500 for a demo lens.

We'd give a $350 trade in for the Fujinon 16x stock lens that came with the camera.